Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Creating meaningful change starts within our own company. C4Media - the provider of InfoQ.com and QCon conferences - is dedicated to helping dev teams adopt new technologies and practices and serving the worldwide software development community. We are committed to creating products that are accessible for software developers from different backgrounds and support them to express themselves, share their knowledge, and uplift their peers.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion throughout our products and company. Our current endeavors and how we plan on improving.

We have a “We Care” philosophy in our approach to in-person and virtual events.

With thousands of inspiring attendees, QCon, QCon Plus, and InfoQ Live events are meant to uncover emerging software trends and practices and connect a global software development community. Our conferences feature independent and unbiased content, and technologies that help software engineers, tech leads, and architects drive innovation in the software industry. Both our virtual and in-person conferences include a code of conduct and provide a safe and diverse learning space for our attendees.

Our goals for both virtual and in-person conferences include encouraging more speakers and attendees from historically underrepresented groups to attend and speak at the events. We strive to be more representative of the present diverse software community.

C4Media diversity

The "we care" philosophy is real. QCon is very well thought and planned, and it's clear that they try to improve the experience every year.

Flavia Paganelli
Flavia Paganelli
CCTO and Founder at 30Mhz (QCon London speaker)

Virtual Events: InfoQ Live and QCon Plus

With each virtual event, we are working towards creating more attention and awareness around diversity and inclusion in software. Our collaboration with worldwide communities such as Women Who Code includes donating 100% of Net InfoQ Live ticket revenue, inviting their members to join the events, and creating an environment that fosters technical and personal growth.

In-person QCon Conferences

We designed QCon as a place where everyone feels safe to express themselves, learn, and succeed in adopting new technology and practices. The QCon deconstructed menus (to cater to allergies or food preferences), all-gender restrooms, prayer rooms, Women in Tech breakfasts are just some of the elements of the “We care” philosophy. Alongside different perspective from experts in the software industry.

We continue to create a company culture that nourishes diversity, equity, and inclusion.

C4Media is a fully remote company with staff across many countries (Romania, United States, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jordan, Argentina, Canada). Our company culture promotes and encourages a safe environment regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. Each team member is encouraged to share their values and improve the way we collaborate and serve our clients. Diversity within our staff is at the storefront whenever we are planning for a new hire.

For me, championing Diversity and Inclusion is an absolute priority. C4Media is a workplace where everybody can feel confident in being their true selves. This helps everyone feel comfortable at work, and it also encourages us to go the extra mile for our customers and create events which are inclusive and welcome people from different backgrounds. Some of our main priorities are creating spaces where everybody feels welcome and safe and to curate dialogue around Diversity, equity and Inclusion in the industry. In addition, we aim to learn from our partners and scale our activities constantly to pave the way for creating a more diverse tech community. While there’s always more to do and we are still learning, I’m both proud of how far we’ve come with our events and am delighted to be part of such an inclusive and diverse team.

Pia von Beren
Pia von Beren
Product Manager & Diversity Lead

We enable everyone to have a voice in the software engineering community through the content we publish on InfoQ.

We carefully curate and peer review everything we publish, while ensuring that a variety of voices in the software community are heard. It’s been 15 years since we’ve been supporting the community through InfoQ articles, news items, podcasts, tech talks, and trends reports.

We plan on improving diversity within our editor and contributor teams and are constantly developing ways to encourage peers from historically underrepresented groups to share their expertise on InfoQ.

Become an InfoQ Writer and share your story and the stories of other inspiring peers to help uplift their voice in the software community.

What can you do to help support diversity, equity, and inclusion in the software community?

If you'd like to speak at one of our in-person or virtual conferences or suggest ways that the conference experience can be more welcoming and supportive, email us at diversity@qconferences.com

If you are part of an underrepresented group and would like to share your knowledge and increase your visibility in a worldwide community of software experts, email us at contribute@infoq.com


Spotted at @qconlondon: an all-female panel (facilitator included) on a technical topic, not “just” a DEI topic 👏👏👏 #qcon2022 #QConLondon

Christina Yakomin

Love #QConLondon seen lots of observations on Twitter regarding diversity at the conference. Clear the conference organisers get the problem and are trying. Props.

Scott James

The 2nd day of #QConLondon has come to an end with our "Women in Tech & Allies" event. @holly_cummins #SoftwareConference #WomeninTech #WomenwhoCode #DiversityinTech #Diversity

QCon London Software Development Conference

Diversity & Inclusion in Tech: A Panel Discussion, at @QConSF video now available: https://infoq.com/presentations/diversity-inclusion-panel. thanks again to our amazing panelists @kecatlin @randyshoup @snesbitt @bydisgn my thoughts about I&D have evolved quite a bit since @WeAreNetflix

Karen Casella (she/her) 🏳️‍🌈

"One* weird trick to improve diversity in your workplace" at the #qconlondon Open Space

(*or more)


Many thanks to all the folk at @qconlondon who bought a raffle ticket for my painting. With the money raised & a generous top-up from the team behind QCon we'll cover 2 more diversity scholarships

Anne Currie

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