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We help software development teams adopt new technologies and trends via:

Our website: InfoQ

In-depth research & articles, news, podcasts, eMags, eBooks, curated newsletters, guides, trend reports, presentation videos, interviews.

Our in-person events

QCon London- April 8-10, 2024
InfoQ Dev Summit Boston- June 24-25, 2024
InfoQ Dev Summit Munich- September 26-27, 2024
QCon San Francisco- November 18-22, 2024

Our live, virtual events

QCon Plus, InfoQ Live, Webinars

Why advertise on InfoQ / QCon

1. Senior developer audience with decision-making authority

2. Qualified leads and brand-building via our events and online ad programs

3. High-value brand association with original content that is custom-curated and edited by professional software practitioners for professional software practitioners

4. Proven track record of thought-leadership in the software industry (17 years)

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C4Media Testimonials

@QCon is one of my favourite conferences to present at, it has awesome super engaged attendees.

Adib Saikali (@asaikali)

C4Media Testimonials

Got to say, @QCon has the best remote conference logistics I have ever seen

Nell Shamrell-Harrington (@nellshamrell)

C4Media Testimonials

Had a great day at #QConPlus today! It's a joy meeting so many curious folk 💫😁

Tammy Bryant Butow ⚓ (@tambryantbutow)

C4Media Testimonials

There is NOTHING as good as @kaleemclarkson telling the story of pandemic times. So grateful to have this #QConPlus session to be reminded of different perspectives.

emma jane (@emmajane_net)

C4Media Testimonials

Attended Incident Analysis: Your Organization's Secret Weapon by @nora_js at @QCon It has been super insightful! I learned a lot from the talk and definitely applying some of the suggestions to my next incident 😁 Can wait to have one...? 🤔😅

Aleix Morgadas (@aleixmorgadas)

C4Media Testimonials

A few words on QCon Plus that just wrapped up: Overall, I really enjoyed it! Great presentations, great panels, and great engagement from the attendees. Everything ran very smoothly. Kudos to @InfoQ@InfoQ and the @QCon team for a great virtual conference! #QConPlus 1/X

Tony “Kalsarikoodaus“ Printezis (@TonyPrintezis)

Technical focus

Topics focused on the Innovators and Early Adopters in software companies: Talks driving Innovation and Change Patterns & Practices, not Products and Pitches Implementable Ideas

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